Professional Experience

• macOS Software Engineer at CrowdStrike, London, United Kingdom Since October 2016
Working on the macOS version of CrowdStrike Falcon Host and more specifically the sensor, a driver/kernel extension installed on client machines that observes system activity and recognizes malicious behavior, then provides on-box prevention capability and remote telemetry to the Falcon Host cloud.

As part of the macOS team, I work on both kernel- and user-space components, writing code that is either platform-specific (macOS), or shared between all platforms (Linux, macOS and Windows).

• Senior macOS Systems Engineer at Bromium, Cambridge, United Kingdom From March 2015 to September 2016
- Worked on many aspects of vSentry for macOS, from core components to UI, using deep knowledge of macOS internals
- Developped highly concurrent multi-process, multi-threaded applications
- Implemented macOS system level security modules at the kernel and higher levels

• macOS developer at Skype, London, United Kingdom From March 2012 to March 2015
- Built the UI of Skype for macOS (leading new features, fixing bugs, community presence, etc.)
- Built internal tools to improve the different evolving internal processes
- Delivered Objective-C/Foundation courses to Senior C# developers

• iOS developer at Backelite, Paris, France From October 2010 to March 2012
- Worked on several iOS projects (Voyages-SNCF [iPad], Eurostar [iPhone], Dailymotion [iPhone/iPad], etc.)
- Worked on one Bada project sponsored by Samsung (La Chaîne Météo, #1 french weather channel)
- Created different internal macOS tools

MacRuby developer at Apple Inc., Cupertino, USA December 2009 to September 2010
- Implemented different new MacRuby runtime features using LLVM, C++, C and the Objective-C runtime
- Worked on integrating MacRuby closely within macOS
- Bug fixes using Trac (public) and other internal bug tracking tools

• IIQ DRI at Apple Inc., Cupertino, USA December 2008 to December 2009
- Wrote tools and scripts (Obj-C, Perl) to significantly improve the time the team spent on different repetitive processes.
- Management of localizations for different projects, including planning and follow-ups
- Bug management, rapid-response projects

• Pro Market System Engineer at Apple Europe, Paris, France March to November 2008
- General technical research to adapt Apple's server solutions (macOS Server) to fit clients needs
- Maintenance and evolution of an external component for the Podcast Producer solution (Rails)
- Creation of a computer booking system using Macs and iCal (now Calendar) for a library (Python, CalDAV, macOS app)

• Teaching assistant at Epitech and ETNA, France Years 2007 and 2008
- Delivered a 28-days initiation lesson to shell, PHP, and C for ETNA 1st year students (100 students)
- Teaching assistant for Epitech 1st and 2nd year students (more than 300 students)

• Web developper internship at (e-Software operator), Nanterre, France July to December 2006


• October 2010
Graduated with a Master in C.S. from Epitech (European Institute of Technology)

• 2005
French equivalent to high school degree


• Programming
- Objective-C, Swift, Obj-C runtime
- C, C++, LLVM
- Python, Rust, Ruby, Perl, shell scripting

• Volunteering
- Active Ambulance Crew at St John Ambulance, providing first aid at events such as New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year, London Marathon, Hyde Park concerts, etc.

• Languages
- French: Native language
- English: Spoken and written fluently

• Personal skills
- Teamwork, high motivation, dedication, adaptability, dialog, autonomy, looking for challenges